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This is a list of interest categories and the interests within each category. Click on an interest to learn more about that item. If you are logged in, you will also see the members who have declared that interest, with a link to their member directory entry. Click the info link icon   to view additional information about the interest group.

Audio Playback

All forms of audio playback

Cassette, Reel-to-reel, other analog tape equipment

CD, SACD, DVD-A and associated equipment

Vinyl Records, Turntables, Tone arms, Cartridges, Phono Preamps,

Receivers, Integrated Amps, Pre-amps, Amps, Interconnects, Speakers, Speaker Cables, etc.

Computer Audio

WAV, FLAC, AIFF, etc. files and associated equipment

Audio playback using Apple based systems

Audio playback using PC based systems


Creative Activities I enjoy as part of the music hobby.

CDs, Digital Tapes, Digital Master Copies, etc.

For those interested in modifying old equipment by changing design elements of the equipment.

Those who enjoy replacing old/failing/weak components with new equivalents but keeping the original design intact.

I Love My Amp

Here's where we identify if we love tube or solid state equipment

Here's where the "toob" owners can identify themselves!

if you have solid state amps you belong here!

Mobile Audio

Portable devices, i.e. Headphones, MP3 Players, portable Dacs, portable headphone amps, etc.

Full coverage, On-ear, Earbuds, In-ear Monitors

Specially designed for mobile players

Mobile audio players - MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc.

Video Playback

DVD, HD-DVD, BluRay Playback

BluRay Playback

DVD Playback

HD-DVD playback

Video Receivers, Preamps, Amps, Speaker Systems, Interconnects, HDMI, TVs, Projectors, Screens, etc.

Video Preferences

Movies, Documentaries, etc, and associated playback equipment